This papercraft is a life size Ultraman Tiga Mask for Cosplay, from the Ultraman franchise, the paper model is created by Gankutsu-O-Taku. You can download. DIY fun and easy make your own Halloween Mask template mask. Halloween LowPoly Papercraft Mask Step 1: Download the Pdf. PaperCraft Template. Papercraft Low Poly Wolf Mask: I made a low poly wolf mask out of paper and After unfolding, You have to export the paper model, preferably in file (I.

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    Mask Papercraft Pdf

    Bonus: Papercraft Skull Mask: Turning my Papercraft Skull into a mask was So here it is:My Papercraft Skull-Mask! Print out the PDF, it's 3 A4 Pages. Papercraft panda mask printable DIY template by WastePaperHead Panda 3d, . DIY printable Animal Mask, Instant Pdf download, Animal Paper Craft Mask. Make Skull Mask,3D mask,Face,PDF,Pattern masks,Polygon DIY Paper Mask, Papercraft,Template,Printable Skull,Halloween,Skeleton,Gift,Party,Head.

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    Great template; I could follow it pretty intuitively without even reading the text! Reply 4 years ago.

    Paper Dog Mask, Papercraft Template, Festival Mask, DIY instant download,

    That's what I'd call awesome recycling. Scary shoe box you have there. Glad to see it turned out so well. By krummrey Mein Blog Follow. More by the author: You start with this template.

    Either way, you'll end up with a bunch of pieces that have to be glued together. Only the lines that have to be folded down are marked with red.

    Start with the nose and eyes. Then add cheeks and temples. When you've added the skull caps you might want to stop here without the lower jaws.

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    For the full mask, add the remaining parts. Then take a hole-punch to make the hole for your mask. Have fun! Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Saul the Sloth - 'Hanging Humor'. Embroidery Class. Benstar 6 months ago.

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    Take a look at my other instructable: Glue piece 11 around the eye and to piece Repeat the same steps for the other eye and piece Glue piece 15 to the tops of pieces Cut out pieces , colour all of the edges and fold all of the tabs downwards. Glue pieces 16 and 17 together then glue to the top of the mask along pieces 11, 13 and Glue piece 18 to the end of piece 16 and along the tabs of piece Repeat for piece 19, gluing it to the opposite side of the mask along piece 13 and to the end of piece Glue pieces 20 and 21 together then glue to the top of the mask along pieces 16 and Cut out pieces , colour the piece edges and fold all tabs downwards.

    Papercraft Low Poly Wolf Mask

    Glue pieces 22 and 23 together then glue them to the bottom of the mask along pieces 12 and Glue pieces 24 and 25 together then glue them to the bottom of the mask along pieces 22 and Glue pieces 26 and 27 to the top of the mask along pieces 20 and Cut out pieces 28 - 34, colour the edges and fold all of the tabs downwards. Glue pieces 28 and 29 together then glue them along the top of the mask.

    Glue piece 30 to the top of the mask along pieces 28 and Glue piece 31 to the end of piece 28 and along the side of piece Repeat the same thing for piece 32 on the opposite side of the mask, attaching it to piece 29 and along the side of piece Glue piece 33 to piece 31 of the left side of the mask. Combine it with hoodie and a long hair wig will make it even spookier for this Halloween.

    My son always charge me and hitting me whenever I wear this mask, somehow it made him uncomfortable [lol]. At first I already planned to make a horse mask, but stumbled upon some creepy wolf skull mask on Google image search and divert the plan. The horse can wait. Unlike most of my template, this one I use bitmap texturing, still learning but quite happy with the result.

    I recommend to use paper above gram, because in build test I use gram HVS and it was quite hard to assembly, but it can be done for skilled builder. Prepare part 1 before add part 9 and Continue by attaching nose cavity part 20 from inside the nose hole and then glue the forehead part 4. Glue the eye sockets from inside the mask part 2 and 3. Patch the cheek with part 7 and 8 and then continue by attaching part 5 and 6.

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