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NEW Opportunities Intermediate TESTs Book. Zeljko Babic. Test 1 (Module 1) 1 Write the correct form of the Present Simple, 5 Complete the sentences with the. New opportunities intermediate teacher book. Sophia Shchepanska · New Opportunities elementary (workbook). Maja Zdravković. New Opport Intermediate Teacher Book - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf ) or read book online for free. Teacher Book.

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New Opportunities Intermediate Test Book

New Opportunities Intermediate - Students' Book - Free download as PDF File . pdf) or read online for free. New Opportunities, Intermediate, Test - Free download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Udzbenik iz engleskog za srednju skolu. NEW Opportunities Intermediate TEST book. Views . The Business Intermediate Student's Book - [+]The best book of.

Sue's late, isn't she? Score 5 2 Rewrite the sentences using the modaI verbs beIow and suitabIe verb forms. Jenny here on Friday. There a traffic jam. This book Fiona's. They do a lot of exams when they were at school. Score 10 4 CompIete the muIti-part verbs with the correct prepositions. There is one extra word. He never knows what to say.

See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Nov 26, Tests booklet for intermediate students of English.

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We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. New Opportunities intermediate quick tests. Upcoming SlideShare. Score 5 8 Can you manage carry all those books?

Total score: They said didn't get the job. They said 1 Teaching young children is very tiring 10 'My sister started her exams yesterday. Score 10 3 She had a successful as a politician before she retired. Score 5 4 She said that if she passed her exams, she would 6 Write personality adjectives from the nouns.

We stuck in it for an 7 1 didn't take the money. Why did she the sack? Because she was rude to the clients. There is one extra verb. Do they to go to the theatre? No, they always wear casual clothes. There is one extra reported question. Phone so that 3 Where have you lived? Because 4 Where are you living? They unless 5 Where can you live? Score 5 In order to 2 Read the questions asked by a Customs 8 She read the letter and then threw it away.

Complete the sentences reporting the After questions. They finished the match. However, I family here?

In the lessons, the pupils 2 She wanted to know if I would leave the money do 1 they want and they can sit next to 2 they there choose. There are no set times for breaks so they have a 3 He wondered if he had met me the year before break 3 they feel like it. There are pupils' paintings 4 She asked if she could visit my grandparents the and pictures on display 4 you go in the school.

Score 5 Score 5 8 Put the words in the correct categories below. We'll never catch with him.

NEW Opportunities Pre-Intermediate Student's Book (2e)

I Score 5 5 Rewrite the sentences with the same meaning Total score: I think I should 8 Has anyone a good idea for Sue's birthday visit him tomorrow. We can't give her chocolates again. I should go to bed earlier last night.

I wish I not tell them indifferent, shocked, spellbound the news.

New Opport Intermediate Teacher Book

I wish were go. This hill is very steep. You should his room is comfortable or not.

I wish they 4 The head teacher was by how well the students not live so tar away. I should not 5 We were and upset when we saw how ill he download those expensive trainers.

I wish I not be here! I forgot go to the bank. Can I pay climb up, crawl, plunge, scramble, stroll, struggle you back tomorrow? Give me some to 6 I hope they remember come early tomorrow. They didn't even stop 5 I got up late every morning on holiday and say 'Hello'.

What do you want to be when you? I want to be a lawyer. Score 10 3 It took us ages to what had gone wrong with the computer. I'd quite like to go siding. I'd prefer to play tennis. We were so late that we missed the last Test 9 Module 9 Test 2 Module 2 bus. Is your computer powerful enough to play 1 the latest games? Related Papers. Grammar Activities.

By martha vartanian. Grammar Practice for Pre-intermediate Students. By Aliona Nechaeva. New Grammar Practice pre-int with key. By Dedi Andriana. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. By the time they got into the cinema, the 5 His friends phoned the lawyer immediately after the film 7 start and they 8 miss the first scene police arrest him.

Score 10 6 Circle the most appropriate modifier. They 2 Put the verbs in brackets in the Past Perfect say she's a multi-millionaire. She doesn't look the sentences. Tony fell 1 Lynda when he saw her in the college Score 5 production of Romeo and Juliet.

She's a really nice 3 Complete the table with the affirmative, person as well as being very pretty so it was easy to see negative and question forms of used to and what he saw 2 her. She went 3 him a few would. She said he had fallen 5 love Juliet, not with her! Affirmative Negative Question Score 5 used to He 1 used to He 2 3 he like westerns, like musicals, like war films?

All the lights in the streets and shops went out. Sue had a torch. There is one extra word. In the film Gladiator, the 1 Russell Crow plays the 2 Score The 3 is based on the true story of a Roman soldier.

The 4 of old Rome are amazing. If you like 5 films, you'll enjoy Gladiator. Perfect Continuous form of the verbs in , it is causing more pollution.

Score 5 3 He work harder this term and his marks are better. Score 5 After checking 1 their luggage, they went 2 Customs. Their flight went 3 Gate The plane 2 Complete the sentences with either the took 4 on time and they got 5 Paris two hours Present Perfect Simple or the Present Perfect later.

Continuous form of the verbs in brackets. Score 5 1 He's late because he help his father. B: Yes sir, at Reception. John several very helpful 6 I don't want to see that film. I see it twice. Score 5 9 Here's Susan. She arrive at last.

David Mower. New Opportunities Intermediate Test master cd rom - файл Audio Script.doc

Now we can start. There are three extra words. It's safer to cross on the Score 10 crossing over there. On a train 4 Complete the sentences with these linking 9 Hurry up. Our train's waiting at 5. It goes in words. There is one extra linking word. They're seat numbers 13 and 14 in D. I'm going to shorten beginning with the words given.

NEW Opportunities Intermediate TESTs Book

Popular newspapers 8 The children's swing is broken. I think too much sport Score 10 4 The police have arrested the driver. The driver 4 Complete the sentences with these linking 5 The Mirror isn't going to publish the celebrities' words. The painting 2 He's a great guitarist he's not a good singer. The flowers 4 he's only seventeen, he's already a millionaire. Is every student?

Score 5 9 You can download newspapers and magazine on the train. Newspapers and magazines 5 Rewrite the descriptions using compound 10 American athletes won most of the gold medals at adjectives. Score 5 The time is now one o'clock.