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Powerful and Compact PCS-XG80 HD Visual Communication System HD video quality of the PCS-XG80 takes your visual communications to the next level . The exceptional HD video quality of the PCS-XG80 takes your visual communications What's more, the HD camera of the PCS-XG80 adopts the Sony. Export PDF What's more, the HD camera of the PCS-XG80 adopts the Sony developed Moreover, the PCS-XG80 offers a number of other features for user .

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Pcs Xg80 Pdf

Powerful, affordable, and compact, the PCS-XG80 delivers. i HD video quality to make your daily communication more effective, productive and comfortable. Sony PCS-XG80; PCS-XG80S; PCS-XG55; PCS-XG55S; PCS-XA80; PCS-XA55 Videoconferencing system. PCS-XG80 Conference System pdf manual. View and Download Sony Ipela PCS-XG80 brochure & specs online. HD Visual Communication Systems. Ipela PCS-XG80 Conference System pdf manual.

Page 2 Moreover, by using the video annotation function of the PCS-XG80, you can clearly point out specific parts of an image by writing on a tablet. With these outstanding data-sharing tools, you can now minimize misunderstandings during your videoconference. This technology to bring you smooth and natural high-definition optimizes the brightness of each pixel to highlight HD images at a resolution of x shadows, while subduing areas of the image that pixels. Stunning HD video enhances your are too bright, allowing operation in less-than-ideal videoconferencing with life-like images. BrightFace technology can more, the unit can be operated at p, 60 frames provide clear images even in dimly lit rooms, for per second, to produce natural video for effective example when using a projector, or in rooms with communication. And because the unit has a built-in stereo echo

Sony Ipela PCS-XG80 Brochure & Specs

It can also support videoconferences in which the connections are a combination of IP and ISDN by using a bridging function.

Presentation data can be transferred at frame rates as high as 30fps, providing natural and smooth presentations even when using animation effects or showing videos from your PC. This presentation data can be shown from either a projector or a sub display using the RGB output. Continuous-presence mode with voice activated switching The PCS-XG80 supports both four-screen and six-screen continuous-presence modes in p HD format, which provides clear images even on the smaller sub screens.

When using voice activated switching in continuous-presence mode, the far-end site that is actively speaking is displayed on the largest of the six sub screens. In addition, voice activated switching is available. Stable and secure videoconferencing To handle the transmission of large amounts of HD video data while maintaining high-quality and stable communication over an IP network, the PCS-XG80 incorporates advanced QoS functions These functions work by adapting to any changes in the network condition and correcting any packet loss.

Any of these flexible display patterns can be selected so that both videoconferencing images and presentation data can be displayed in a manner that is effective and pleasing to the eye.

The simple layer structure and easy functionality allow you to operate the videoconferencing system, including the camera, much easier than ever before. The PCS-XG80 is also backward compatible with legacy SD systems, so you can seamlessly integrate the system to your existing standard-definition videoconferencing environment.

Compact and stylish design The PCS-XG80 fits neatly into boardrooms, medium- and small sized meeting rooms, and even classrooms.

Installation The AUX terminal should be used for external control. For details on each connector rear? MCU What resolution can be achieved when a multipoint connection is made? It supports up to P resolution. For details, please consult your local sales representatives. Annotation function automatically terminates. Memory Stick Can I remotely access the recorded files No. Up to 6 sites as single MCU.

Network Is Ping possible? Ping is supported at Ver. Option How to provide optional software? Device with USB interface. After installation, reuse for other uses e. USB memory is impossible.


Presentation Can I send PC images to remote parties? The optional software is required only when you want to send it with the local picture simultaneously to the remote parties. Recording What can be recorded into Memory Stick?

In addition, H. Recording What will happen when starting recording with screen display pattern changed?

Recording With what resolution is recording performed? CIF resolution with black borders inserted top and down, Supported at Ver. Yes, it is possible with an external recording device. To achieve this, however, very expensive converter is separately required.

sony/pcs-xg80/docs/ |

Recording Up to six hours per a record due to the limitation of QuickTime player. What is the maximum recordable time? If your recording time exceeds six hours, normal playback cannot be performed. Remote What is RF remote commander? It uses Radio Frequency not Infrared, so that it's possible to use it without pointing to receiver.

Pairing means that RF remote can control only paired unit.

Codec unit and Camera unit have remote receiver, and one of them can be paired with RF remote commander. Codec unit and RF remote commander are paired when ex-factory. Remote What is the range of RF remote commander? About 10m Remote How to extend RF remote receiver? Remote If the RF remote malfunctions, how can It is available as a spare part.

Before use, be sure to pair I obtain a new one? Remote Can I use two or more RF remote commanders per a unit? Remote Can I control the conventional videoconferencing system with a RF remote commander?

Remote Does the RF remote cause any interference? It uses the radio frequency of 2. We have tested in various environments. Under normal usage, it does not cause interference to other equipment. Remote What are the merits of the RF remote commander? It is possible to use it without pointing to receiver. As the RF remote can control only the paired unit, it prevents interference from other system.

Up to 5 can be paired with the unit. Streaming What can be streamed as multicast? Streaming How many PCs can receive the streamed data?


Up to Streaming With what resolution can I receive streamed data? About 90 seconds. To resume from the standby mode, it takes about 50 seconds.

MTBF value will be separately available. Upgrading How is the system upgraded? With Memory Stick? The two methods are available with Memory Stick and remote upgrade up via a network. Remote upgrade can be performed not via FTP the conventional method but via Web. Video What is the bandwidth required for connection?

Technical documentation is separately available. Video What is the i mode? It's for content casting in broadcast or medical teaching. A frame rate of 60fps is automatically changed to 30fps. After H. It is possible to adjust the image quality according to the video output. For details, consult your local sales representatives. Video 1.